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I want to thank EVERYONE immensely who helped me out with, or was in any way connected to my campaign or this election! Every vote mattered! I won by a tremendously slim margin, which is why we need to increase voter turnout. It’s been an issue for about a decade now. 12.5% (1,301) of 10,550 registered voters in town is not good representation NOR a truly good outcome!

The more people that vote, the fairer an election becomes. As a candidate, you’d likely NOT be backed by entire boards, commissions, committees, etc. Not too long ago this used to be unethical and certainly not a classy move. Somewhere along the line however it seems like the bar has been lowered. In my humble opinion, I don’t believe local elected town officials should be publicly pushing “their” chosen candidate to push their agenda. I mean In any current (town) election while currently in office. This would result in a much more “community-oriented” vote and would give more people the chance to replace stagnant seats. The same voters wouldn’t be the only ones who vote for the same person every election. I believe it would dilute the vote and expand “local involvement” in town government. I think this would open the door to those who may be interested, but intimidated by Clinton's typical effort to not have changes on Boards and Commissions. This just keeps things the same. We could have new people from different backgrounds, with new ideas. Newer voters would come out and vote from this simple implementation. Term limits would help greatly as well. 

So Without spending lots of money, people writing you endorsements, the need for signs (in this town), going to extremes to get recognition and your plans/views out there, plus every other little detail. I NEVER would have been able to surpass my opponent, A sitting chairman and 13-year incumbent I won but by an extremely thin margin (17 votes) and crossed the finish line to win the race! I sincerely thank all 1,301 voters who participated in voting this past election!​

Thank you for doing your civic duty and helping myself and others to succeed with a more fair, “community-represented” vote. It is giving people like me a chance, without being age-biased, history/rumor-biased, party-biased (all town elected seats are non-partisan), etc. votes!  It’s a chance to show what we as young adults can do for our community and not what our community can do for us. With that being said. I'd like to sincerely thank those who let me put up one of my signs, endorsed me/wrote endorsement letters, held signs, etc. (special thanks to Carol O'Malley for her outpouring of support and selflessness)! 

Next, I'd like to respectfully inform the public that I did talk to my opponent on the phone after he had pulled papers to run for re-election. I believed he had seniority in the position he held for so many years.​ "Sir, Just say the word, and I will withdraw my papers out of respect for you, and your service to the town and community. Also your seniority on the commission." were my following words.  He defensively yet dismissively insisted I run, here I’m quoting his words: "Go ahead and do it - Lots of people have tried running against me!" inferring he'd win, regardless of who ran against him or how hard they tried. This was evident and was the common belief. This is what we must address here.

For example; the first day of his campaign was the day before election day, and the last was election day. 3/5ths of the commission there, in what seemed to be "strong opposition" of me, and sadly my family members who helped me out too. I didn’t have more than half of a commission behind me and frankly, I never would. Even if I had them at my disposal because then when the person the commission was supporting and representing all election day long loses, and newcomers are made to feel uncomfortable…

I believe It is a classless thing to do. Now as an elected official I will not push my personal beliefs on the public as this is simply not what I’d do. But also because I promised I wouldn't when being sworn in as an elected official. Somehow some of those who’ve already been sworn in previous years had forgotten this. I have the courage that this type of politics will NOT be part of my work.

Fortunately for me, I have thick skin and can say with pride that I will not be bullied or intimidated by anyone. Unfortunately, those in the future may not. I want to see them protected from this type of “candidate intimidation”, and know that as we work to figure this out  I will never partake in these activities while in office. I do not believe in this type of dirty classless politics.

So, I ran. I worked my ass off and ran my entire campaign self-funded, on-foot, but I did it and got it done! When I wasn't standing out I was going door to door, getting to meet so many awesome Clinton residents that I had never met before! I made it to every corner of this town, knowing that whether I win or lose, this has been a success in my opinion.  it truly turned out to be!​

The final score was 637-620 (41 blank) for a total of 1,301 votes, equaling approx. 12.5% of registered voters in Clinton, which is unfortunately a decent turnout...​Once again, THANK YOU CLINTON!

 I'm motivated, and ready to work together with/on the commission and the other 4 members always putting  Clinton, the town I know and love, First!

Thank you for reading,​

Joseph A. Notaro

Parks and Recreation/Fuller Field Commissioner

Clinton Town Hall




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